The truth about esports. Where to bet on esports betting?

Esports, this word sounds more and more familiar. Some people play only slots, others hate online slots and limit their game to sports betting. Well, each of us has different tastes and we don’t discuss them. This article will be devoted to the phenomenon that arouses more and more interest online, namely Polish esports. We will also help you find a site where you can place esport bets on Counter Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2. Choose your bookmaker with a wide esport betting offer!

How to bet on Dota 2 or LOL matches?

Esports, e-sports, e-sports is a sport involving competition in computer games. First there were board games and backyard games, then there was the computer and PC and console games. Esports is just the next step using the desire to compete with other users. Esports betting is an exciting pastime for those computer gamers who appreciate the thrill of risk. How to be good at betting on matches of Ligue of Legends or Starcraft? The best way is to play a lot yourself and follow the news on websites dedicated to esports. This way you won’t miss any world-class event. In addition, we suggest choosing your bookmaker carefully. While one bookmaker offers a wide range of Dota 2 bets, Starcraft 2 is hard to find. For this reason we present above the full esports betting offer that can be found at the most popular bookmakers.

The popularity of esports may be due to its general accessibility. You no longer have to train for months to participate in competitions. All you need is a computer (or a mobile device) and access to the Internet. It is enough that you love to play, and in time you will become very good at it. The games are pure fun. Some are available for free, you just need to go to the website and register. The growing interest in games began with the launch of an online platform where web users could play Quake, an arcade game for the PC. Anyone could play there at any time. Online gaming also allowed people to get in touch with other players, who began to make appointments to play at specific times. Today most buckmakers offer esports betting.
The name e-sports may suggest what virtual sports (virtually created and periodically held sporting events such as motorcycle, dog, horse racing, etc.) really are. Meanwhile, esports are not limited to sports computer games. Actually, it is the other way around, and for the time being you can compete in Courner Strike, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Ligue of Legends, Starcrafts 2, i.e. in games of skill and real-time strategy. We’ll talk about the specifics of each of these games below. Meanwhile, let’s focus on what all the games that are part of esports have in common. It is the ability to compete with other players and the desire to be the best among them.

Championships and esports matches

Esport proves that you can compete not only on the treadmill and the ring, but also in front of the computer screen or on the PS4. There are also professional tournaments, matches and even esport world championships. At one of them the first place was won by a team from Poland. It was memorable July 2007 in Paris in Expo Porte de Versailles, where Electronic Sports World Cup was organized. At that time Filip ‘Neo’ Kubski led his team to victory and took the main prize.

The money spent on organizing such an event, as well as the number of fans (currently around 500 million worldwide) should give an idea about the potential of esports. The Poles won the main prize worth 40,000 dollars. With the highest prize pool to date reaching a value of $20 million in the Dota 2 tournament The International 2016. Is there still anyone here who treats esports tournaments with disregard and a wave of the hand?

Esports – a job, a way of business or life

The rapidly growing interest in esports has attracted the attention of investors and provides a free open space and room for new ideas. It also makes gaming a highly profitable industry in practice. The best games sell dozens of copies, and the companies producing them compete with each other in ideas for the best storyline and graphic solutions. This also stimulates the computer and hardware manufacturing industry. Players are buying newer and newer software, replacing old graphics cards with better ones and clumsy mice with optical ones with many buttons. Everything to make the excitement and experience of the game more fun, and themselves faster and better.

Finally, the oservation of rival PC gamers made it possible to orchestrate betting. Thus, esports betting joined the other bets. Although there are still not as many esports events to choose from as in the case of other sports, we are sure that their number will continue to grow. Considering the amounts of the prizes, some of the players will certainly decide to earn a living this way. Why not? Some people play poker for a living, so maybe it would be possible to make a living playing on a PS4 or computer. Still others will make a living from esports betting on individual players or their teams.

In order to qualify for professional competitions, you must first of all play a lot, enough to become good at it. In addition, some online platforms organize official tournaments (e.g. ESL PLAY) for players. This is how the best players are selected, who have a chance to win the Electronic Sports World Cup. At the moment, the most populare titles that every computer game lover has heard about are: Counter Strike Go, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft2, Call of Duty. What are the characteristics of each of them?

Counter Strike or Call of Duty are so called schooter games, we Poles simply call them shooters. StarCrafts2, League of Legends and Dota 2 are Real Time Strategy. Each of these games is played by thousands of players from all over the world. Some of the options e.g. additional powers of heroes, armies, etc. can be purchased, others are available completely free of charge. However, to play you just need to register an account by entering your e-mail address.

Esport in Poland is becoming more and more of a professional sport taken seriously. On the net you can find rankings of individual teams based on their matches (e.g. on the esports now website). This is a great source of information that allows you to see how strong each team is and analyze who to vote for. Esports rankings, statistics, results … it’s all starting to resemble prognostications about the most prestigious sporting events.

Esports leads the way on the bookmaking scene with COVID-19

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the functioning of every area of the economy. The negative effects of the virus development have also affected the betting business, which has incredibly suffered due to the official cancellation of most sporting events.

Now that the sports world has almost come to a standstill, bookmaking fans have the opportunity to place bets from the Belarusian league or Nicaragua, which is not exactly what most of us are excited about. In light of the not particularly interesting offer of traditional sports, bookmakers quickly realized that all hope lies in… e-sports. Just a few months ago, soccer or volleyball were the most common choices of users, and today it’s CS:GO or LOL.

Rapid transformation for success

The e-sports industry has responded fantastically to the drastic changes brought about by the coronavirus. Many e-sports industry events have gone completely online, and thanks to the complexity of the technology (and its users), the transition has been quick and fairly seamless. What’s more, where more traditional sporting events were forced to be cancelled or postponed, e-sports producers saw a market opportunity.

There is perhaps no better example of this than the e-sports ‘Not the Grand Prix Australia’, which took place in place of the cancelled official F1 Australian Grand Prix. Veloce managed to encourage F1 driver Lando Norris to attend the event (along with many other famous e-sports players), and the event itself led to Norris breaking Twitch’s F1 bid record, recording 70,000 viewers!

We can see numbers like this for leading e-sports titles (including CS: GO, which broke the record of 1 million concurrent players). This has obviously caused e-sports brands to increase their online offerings, which will likely lead to increased revenue.

Will e-sports fill the sorry gap left by traditional sports for the long term? It’s still too early to answer that question, but it’s undoubtedly a difficult time for the sports community, but also an interesting moment in the history of the e-sports field. Now it has its proverbial five minutes, which we sincerely believe may last much longer.